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tricomax vivandi Trichology Center

Tricomax Formula is guaranteed to regrow strong, healthy and beautiful hair in 95% of all women, regardless of age.

Women experiencing hair loss for a variety of reasons: female pattern balding, thyroid issues, pregnancy and other hormonal changes or even chemotherapy. Overall, Tricomax Formula regrows, improves and thickens hair all over the scalp Visible results are apparent in just 6 months of treatment!

Women who are experiencing thinning of their hair will experience fuller, stronger hair in just 6 to 12 months. Once desired results are achieved, sustaining your hair requires minimal maintenance.

What to expect
Significantly reduce hair loss within the first 3 months. Scientific testing has shown that with proper use, the natural ingredients found in Tricomax put a stop to hair loss and reverse the hair loss process over time.

Within 2 to 4 weeks: Some Tricomax users experience increased hair shedding at first, but this means the products are working. Shedding occurs because Tricomax activates the hair follicle s growth cycle, and the hair that are in the transition or resting phases fall out as the follicle begins a new growth cycle.

Within 60 to 90 days: You’ll see a significant reduction of hair loss and increased thickening of existing hair.

Within three to six months: With regular, proper use, Tricomax will continue to thicken existing hair and users will notice evident increase in scalp fullness.

After 16 to 18 months: Once maximum improvement is achieved, it is no longer necessary to use Tricomax daily. At this point, using the products three to five times per week helps maintain the results.

Tricomax Deep Conditioner
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Tricomax Revitalizing Shampoo
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Tricomax Scalp Cleansing Mask
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Tricomax Scalp Lotion
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