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Low Level Laser Therapy                                                                                Price: AED 150

Low-level laser Therapy is designed to stimulate & rejuvenate hair follicles for hair growth.

Deep Scalp Cleansing Treatment                                                                Price: AED 300
A total scalp detoxification that removes impurities, DHT and detrimental scalp build ups through exfoliation. This treatment helps create an ideal environment for hair growth.


Mesotherapy                                                                                                         Price: AED 300
A hair loss treatment wherein an expert injects a calculated solution of vitalizing compounds, directly at the route of the thinning hair regions to initiate new hair growth and lessen hair fall simultaneously.

*Ask our reception for package rates.
*Derma roller must be purchased separately


Anti-dandruff Treatment                                                                               Price: AED 300 to 500
A treatment designed to eliminate and control persistent dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and itchy scalp.


Anti-Hair Loss Treatment by Vitlene                                                        Price: AED 300 to 500
Not all scalps are the same, so they should be treated in different ways. This Vitlene Therapy treatment is designed to: reduce hair loss, correct scalp anomalies, hair loss and scalp aging prevention, strengthen and improve hair appearance.


Thermocell Vital Treatment                                                                          Price: AED 300 to 500
A reconstructive and repairing treatment for dry, damaged or over processed hair. Based on the stem cells of an apple from Switzerland, this deep conditioning treatment and scalp massage will give back your hair’s lost health, help repair the hair shaft, enhance shine and promote healthier more manageable hair.


Reconstructive Hair Care Treatment                                                         Price AED 350 to 500

A reconstructive hair treatment line that can be tailored to the need of the client; recommended for damaged hair and sensitized scalp at any level and for any reason.
Haircut, Styling & Blowdry                                                                            Price AED 150.00

A stress relieving scalp massage, shampoo, conditioner, rinse, haircut and beautifully styled blowdry finish *only applicable to existing VTC clients*