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What is Revivogen?

Revivogen is a safe and natural hair loss solution made from natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to be effective in reversing hair loss and thinning hair. Each Revivogen product is formulated with powerful DHT-blocking botanicals that target the root cause of thinning and shedding hair, Dihydrotestosterone, otherwise known as DHT.Revivogen laser hair vivandi trichology center Revivogen’s proven, natural ingredients deliver results without side effects.

Revivogen has three components that work in unison to block DHT and nourish hair follicles:
VIVANDI Trichology Center uses a highly effective hair loss treatment for men called Revivogen Laser Hair Treatment (RLHT). This combination treatment involves the use of the Revivogen System and a Low Level Laser Therapy Device.

Scalp Therapy, Bio-Cleansing Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner.

Revivogen Scalp Therapy
. Natural DHT blocking botanicals
. Activates and maintains the hair follicle’s growth phase, thereby reducing hair loss
. Safely reverses thinning hair and hair loss.

Revivogen Bio Cleansing Shampoo
. Bio-shampoo that complements the topical scalp therapy
. Gently cleans the scalp and removes DHT
. Contains essential bioactive nutrients to nourish and moisturize the hair and scalp

Revivogen Thickening Conditioner
. Thickens the hair shaft
. Replenishes essential proteins
. Moisturizes and adds shine to hair

Low Level Laser Therapy

Laser Hair Therapy is a low level laser light treatment that in some studies seems to promote hair growth, slow hair loss and give hair a healthier appearance for both men and women. This process of stimulating hair follicles has been shown in some studies to grow hair, slow hair loss and give hair a healthier appearance.

Laser therapy hair restoration treatment schedule

For the in-office laser therapy we recommend two to three 30-minute treatments a week for 8 weeks, one treatment a week for 16 weeks, followed by two treatments a month for 6 months. Quarterly treatments should be scheduled as maintenance. At-home therapy is usually for 20 minutes 2-3 times/week.

For In-home laser

HairMax LaserBand 82 : This new enhanced hands-free laser medical device delivers nourishing laser light to energize and revitalize your hair follicles and regrow your hair.


vivnadi Trichology laserband dubai

The unique new cradle design incorporates 82 medical grade lasers and patented hair parting teeth, which parts your hair during treatment for maximum laser light delivery to your follicles to achieve optimal results. The treatment takes as little as 90 seconds, the fastest laser treatment for hair loss available.

RLHT is beneficial in preventing further hair loss or thinning, looking to maintain hair growth from other treatments or looking to speed post-surgical healing.

Contact us to learn more about effective hair regrowth products or schedule a personalized consultation with our Hair Expert.