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Tricomax Scalp Cleansing Mask

Tricomax-Scalp Cleansing Mask

Tricomax Scalp Cleansing Mask

75.00 د.إ

Would you like your hair to be the best it can be? Tricomax is a purifying/rejuvenating hair and scalp mask that provides your hair and scalp with countless advantages that are a must if you want your hair to be its very best.

Tricomax naturally exfoliates the surface of the scalp, removes excess oil build-up, removes product build-up, clarifies the countless pores of the scalp by drawing out impurities, and removes the detrimental build-up that is attached to the precious roots of your hair.


Draws out all impurities from beneath your scalp
• Maximizes nutrient delivery to your hair roots
• Grows healthier, stronger and fuller hair naturally

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