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680.00 د.إ

Support restore the hair’s appearance in thickness, length, and beauty. This clinically-tested leave-on serum is especially beneficial for accelerated hair breakage.

Active Ingredients: *Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 *Panthenol *Ulva Lactuca Extract *Biotin

How to use: Rinse and dry scalp prior to application. First prime the brush by clicking on the bottom of the tube a few times until you can see product at the tip of the brush. Once the brush is primed, you only need to click the bottom of the tube one time per usage.

This will release the exact amount of product onto the soft brush applicator to be used on the entire scalp. Distribute with the brush tip applying serum directly onto the areas of the scalp section by section. Leave on scalp and do not rinse off. Repeat daily for fuller-looking hair.

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