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Vivandi Trichology CARTHAMUS DENSI-MOUSSE #43 Dubai


90.00 د.إ

Features: The foam acts setting hairstyle, giving volume and definition in addition to densify the hair. It is suitable for all hair types but especially for frail and or mature hair.

Benefits: *Fortifying and densifying foam *Fixed and defines hairstyle *Suitable for dry and damaged hair.

Active Ingredients: *Oil safflower – rich in plant acids, vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids. Acts as a vasodilator to improve the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles, which helps strengthen and stimulate hair growth. For its content in essential fatty acids it is of great help to restructure damage hair.

How to use:
 Apply the amount needed from root to tips on hair previously washed and wrung out.

Paraben, Sulfate, Silicone and Allergen – free formula.

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