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Permanent make-up (PMU) offers clients a PERMANENT MAKE UPlong-lasting pleasure of always having great-looking eyebrows, eyeliner and lips effortlessly

PMU which stands for permanent make-up, is also known as micropigmentation. Some refer to micropigmentation as cosmetic tattooing, which is inaccurate. The principle may be similar to tattooing in that a permanent pigment is implanted into the skin, but the procedure, pigments and devices used are rather different.

The procedure involves the use of a hand-held device that punctures the skin hundreds of times per minute with a very thin needle and pushes the pigment into the desired location.

Permanent make-up or micropigmentation can be used to highlight strong points and correct or camouflage defects. Micropigmentation has many applications, but the most popular are:PERMANENT MAKE UP 1

• Eyebrows – hair stroke or shaded

• Lips – lip liner

• Eyes – eyeliner

The treatment can also be used to reconstruct the nipple and areola area of the breast.

People typically go for micropigmentation either because they have physical limitations that make applying makeup difficult on a regular basis, or simply as a way to save time. People with alopecia, a form of hair loss, may choose micropigmentation to create an appearance of eyebrows where the hair has been lost.


The eyebrows are a prominent part of the face: they frame the eyes and give the face expression. Eyebrows that are too sparse, too thin or non-existent can be naturally enhanced and improved with micropigmentation. For example, using hair stroke or shading methods, depending on the result the client wants and skin type.

The newest technique for eyebrows in permanent make-up is the hair stroke technique. It is used to create the most natural looking brows possible. As each individual hair is pigmented individually, it is far more natural looking than a solid fill.



Skin ageing can cause the lip contours to fade. A natural lip liner can permanently restore the shape of your lips and gives your lip line more definition and color. A PMU lip liner can also correct irregular lip lines for a more proportionately shaped mouth. The so-called ‘full lips’ color treatment gives a natural, more enhanced color to pale or faded lips.



Eyeliner is the simplest way to enhance the beauty and expression of the eyes – whether a subtle liner on just the top, the bottom or both the top and bottom.

Permanent eyeliner gives a natural look that is more subtle and neat than regular make-up. The great benefit of permanent make-up is that it won’t smudge throughout the day.

Eyeliner or Eyelash Enhancement is used to add depth and definition to the eyes. Colour and thickness is individual.

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